If we should introduce ourselves with one word it will be "loyalty".
We are loyal to our clients!
We are loyal to our distributors!
We are loyal to our employees and workers!
We know that this is not enough, that is why we do everything with much passion and commitment, qualitatively and fast!
23 years already!
Our firm, except industrial performs commercial trading with sugar, confectionary goods and sanitary products. We are distributors to the following companies:
- „Zaharni Zavodi” AD- G. Oryahovitsa
- „Litex Commerce" AD – trading with sugar
- ET „Naslada-92” Pavlikeni
- ЕТ „Melodia” – Sabcho Balkanski
- „Emaz” ООД- V. Tarnovo
- ЕТ”Simona”- St.Stoyanova.